How to Remove a Tick

Going outside during the summer is scary and risky because pests like mosquitoes and ticks look for human victims the moment they step foot outside. Being bitten by either pest puts you at risk of disease and other dangers. If you are bitten by a tick, prompt removal reduces the risks that come along with a tick bite. Do you know the proper way to remove a tick?

Most people use a pair of tweezers to remove a tick from their skin. Pull the tick straight up using a firm and gradual pressure. Never twist the tick as you pull up. Go slowly to reduce the risks the tick will come loose or other problems. Do not yank the tick and do not panic. It is scary to see a tick attached to the skin but the great thing is that you noticed it quickly.

Removing a tick completely is important. If you leave any of the ticks behind, it can become stuck in the wound. This may lead to an infection. Sometimes removing a tick is not as simple as it would sound or that some would like it. That is why it is important to learn the proper dos and don’ts of tick removal.

Be sure to grip the tick with the tweezers as closely to the surface of your skin as possible. If you can see the tick’s mouth, try to place the tweezers around his mouth. This is not possible in every situation, however. Once the tick is removed, make sure that all of the pieces are gone from the wound. Do not hurt yourself in the process.

Now you want to discard the tick. Use a Ziploc or other sealed bag and take it to a professional to identify if you notice any signs of a disease or illness. If you do not want to keep the tick, tape it in foil and toss in the trash or flush down the toilet.

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It is a good idea to hire professional pest control experts to treat ticks both at your home and at your business. With the help of professional residential and commercial tick control columbus ga, you can worry less that a tick bite will be a part of your summer.

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